Aug 24, 2011

Electric Dreams - Beginning

Chapter 1 - The Trail
Chapter 2 - Child
Chaper 3 - Adam
 Chapter 4 - Tears in the Rain
 Chapter 5 - Xianghua
 Chapter 6 - Interlude in the Rain
 Chapter 7 - The Dollhouse
 Chapter 8 - The Chase
 Chapter 9 - The Family
 Art: J. Piira, script: P. & J. Piira


Anonymous said...

I simply never leave any comments, finally I must. As you know, I find the original story one of the best of sci-fi. Your works also look great, taste good and sound like a blues song.

Your art fits like a glove in this kind of sci-fi setting - we all know that the bias of world economics is going to shift from anglo-american to asian one.

I also like the way you have brought Big Brother to the story. It's the true story of our lives, being always under some sort of control, never truely free.

Thanks for this (and everything else).

Best wishes,

Your friendly neighbourhood dispenser

C.A. Chicoine said...

I love the art work! I added a link to this story on KippleZone -- a "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" and "Blade Runner" e-zine. []

Have a better one!

~ Craig